1. Got all new bass mafia boxes this year

    1. Dustin Chehovits 0
      Lol Wade my wife calls me Fred Sanford! But when it comes to fishing gear gotta be organized! Thanks man.
    2. Wade Bowles 0
      I've never been accused of being overly organized. With of course exception to my tackle. Sweet set up.
    3. Rich Pardy 0
      Thanks man I'll have to pick up some.
    4. Dustin Chehovits 1
      I got them on sale at tackle warehouse and I think they were $13 or$14 a piece. But they have four clips on them and a water proof o ring. I've had to clean ...more to many lure after a day fishing in the rain. Not doing that again
    5. Pete Lyden 0
      Couple lures in them
    6. Tim Oldenburg 0
      lol fancy boxes dont catch fish lol jk
    7. Rich Pardy 0
      They make some nice boxes, what did those cost?

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