1. Hey guys, my son has a tournament on Rayburn next weekend. We can't prefish because I'm working in West Texas. Just wondering if I get some spots to fish ...more next weekend from ya'll... anything would be a great help. Thanks guys and God bless

    1. Shawn Gearinger 0
      Oops that was wrong it is Monterey Park across from Cassel Boykin. My bad!
    2. Shawn Gearinger 0
      San Miguel is across from Cassel Boykin in Pophers creek.
    3. Kirk Van Huis 1
      Thanks DJ... they caught 4 fish for 7 lbs n came in 18 th place
    4. DJ Pena 0
      If he's fishing the high school tournament on the 4th then the weigh in activities are taking place at Umphrey Pavilion on the south side off of the dam, my ...more daughter is fishing that one too. We fished last weekend using mostly watermelon red brush hogs in 10-15' catching small ones (1-2 lbs). I did catch one good size, about 7 lb.er on a white spinner in about 9' of water, we were fishing Veach Basin. Good luck to yall.
    5. michael waghorn 0
      You either have the wrong ramp or wrong lake. That's on Toledo Bend.
    6. Kirk Van Huis 0
      Hey Michael, I think it's San Magil boat ramp?
    7. Kirk Van Huis 0
      That would be great John.... thanks! Be honest Nicklaus I don't know? I know it's a high school tournament... sorry. My job keeps me out of the loop. I'll ...more have to find out what launch site Michael. Sorry. THANKS GUYS and GOD SPEED!
    8. michael waghorn 0
      Where will yall be launching from?
    9. Nicklaus Langlois 0
      is it the state tournament?
    10. John Morgan 0
      I caught them up the Ashe arm at the mouth of Pigeon Roost on an 8 foot hump in 25 feet of water and also in the timber just across and a little north. I also caught ...more a few on deep ridges over by the bridge coming out of CB ramp. I caught everything on C rig and jigs. I didnt crank anything.I will update for you after tomorrow if you would like.

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