1. tug boat came through..took shoreline through the sand dock region hope if you were there ya safe..i was off the point at fricanos.i could hear the ice cracking ...more near by so not risking my life or equipment...2nd street had alot of tents on it ...stay safe yall

    1. Tj . 0
      yeah i checked 2nd street and i guess the ice got pushed about a foot onto shore..ya might not feel it but it was moving
    2. Jimbo Harwood 0
      damn.. that's crazy.. hope know one got hurt...
    3. Justin L 0
      Yeah I seen it from over by the red buoy. Darn thing messed up the fishing.
    4. wicked walleye 0
      I was there also, on the other side where the tug was headed strait for me to get Grand Valley Research Center, I was running with tip-ups in tow ,running back ...more to the wall, thought I was done for, just when I was starting to get jumbo Yellow's,

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