1. Looks like a twin to yours 8 lb 9 oz

    1. Reece Hemme
      That is a tank
    2. Arthur Huttemeyer Sr.

    3. Morris Campbell
      25-26" pre spawn
    4. Arthur Huttemeyer Sr.
      Matched my big basses weight. What was the length?
    5. Morris Campbell
      I like your method of choice there Rich!!! Tim it was 35 here this morning in SW Fl. One of the 12 days of winter..:)
    6. Rich Pardy
      Nice bass Morris!! Do u flip a coin in the morning to decide whether to go after fresh or saltwater fish :)
    7. Tim Steinmetz
      That's an awesome bass you got there, Morris! Well, I leave for Charlotte today. Looks like temps are supposed to get into the 30s, so I'm packing shorts.
    8. Derek Stitt
      Beautiful Largemouth Morris!👍👍
    9. Morris Campbell
      Thanks Melissa. Every now and then I get one:)
    10. Melissa Norris
      wow nice fish!!😀

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