1. Ok I know I posted this before but let's see what replies I get this time. I'm going up to the pack to fish tonight until Sunday. I'm going after the ...more striper primarily might try for walleye at night. can someone please point me in the right direction? I just got my fish finder installed on my kayak so I will have a little better idea of what to do. also I still can't hook up with anything at night and I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. Any help is appreciated!!

    1. metal storm 0
      areas I always try for striper are tafton dike and the dam area
    2. metal storm 0
      Ok I'll try that at night time along with some incoming creek channels. the striper I'm going to try to locate bait schools and cast swimbaits at them. maybe ...more try some live bait if I get desperate
    3. Paul Rozaieski 0
      Launch area at night right on shore just cast into shore so you dont spook em. As for stripers i use downriggers this timenof year, there seeking cold water with ...more sufficent D/O. Try and mark schools of bait deep and the stripers will be right under them 20-25 feet
    4. metal storm 0
      Ok I will give that a shot. really gonna hit it hard at night for the eyes. during the early morning and day I throw swimbaits for striper off of points. hasn't ...more produced yet may try a different technique. don't plan on leaving till I catch atleast 1 striper and 1 walleye. thanks for the help
    5. Curt Wilkins 0
      Really??? I catch walleye all the time at WilsonVille... 2 feet at night cast shallow pull back to deep water they are right on the shoreline at night.... Many times ...more you will hear them explode on the alewives at night.
    6. metal storm 0
      I'll try incoming creeks during day and night. I've tried wilsonville at night many times never caught anything using all the lures you mentioned. how deep? ...more I've tried shallow and backed off to 10'-20' still nothing
    7. Curt Wilkins 0
      Try fishing around Millbrook at night.... The cool water from the creek will have those walleyes in there..... Also WilsonVille is another good ticket at night.... ...more Throw shad raps, cc rattlin shads, rattlin rogues for walleye....for Stripers I like rippin red fins.

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