1. What r u throwing? Saw this this morning at lake Houston by my house. Not a lot of bass at this part but there were hundreds of minnows in several schools at the ...more top of the water. Wondering what could be down there

    1. Jackson Erdmann 0
      Throw a spook or some shallow diving baits or small spinnerbaits
    2. John Morgan 0
      water too smooth for spook, I would chunk a crazy shad
    3. Todd Stevens 0
      U two not I two
    4. Todd Stevens 0
      I two took the words right out of my mouth. I prefer either a pointer minnow in the small size fish aggressively, as early morning bass have high metabolism. Until ...more the sun comes up a Zara puppy or small spook would be a good choice along with a small Buzzbait or popper. DJ swim jig with tiny fluke trailer or the Zoom original fluke or tiny fluke in white on a small scrounger head
    5. Dug Nevius 0
      In this case a flashy jerkbait like a shadow rap by rapala. Maybe a smaller stick bait like a spook Jr on the top.
    6. Jared Berkovsky 0
      *big ez trailer
    7. Jared Berkovsky 1
      Strike king hack attack swim jig (white) with a gambler but ez (ghost shad) trailer.

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