1. I'm going up to the pack today to fish at night time. I went up last weekend with my buddies and we didn't catch anything. I just want a little advice not ...more your spots or anything but we're trying to catch walleye and striper what part of the lake should we fish? we were gonna fish the Tifton dike but we're also thinking about near ironwood. we're on a boat so can go anywhere. thanks in advance!!!

    1. Brian Schmoyer 0
      Be sure to stop at the "mound" its a high (6-8 feet)spot that drops off to about 18-20 feet. Its located about 100-`50 yards directly out from the chop ...more house dock, and the back side of kipp island. Good luck. We will be out as well.
    2. Curt Wilkins 0
      Shad raps, glass raps, scatter raps, shadow raps, rattlin rogues are my preferred baits... Silver/blue or silver black or natural Shad color
    3. Curt Wilkins 1
      Fish the Tafton Dike to the high school... Also fish from Gerhardts down to Tanglewood resorts.... This time a year that is my favorite stretch for Walleyes.... ...more Fish the docks at night, those walleyes come in tight to shore to feed and they are under the docks quite often.

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