1. headed out to cowan this morning. never been, wish me luck. ill be the one in the red champion wandering around!

    1. Aaron Wesselman 0
      yeah I caught one I could see but the clarity makes it tough to see them locked onto their beds. you gotta hit em on the head.
    2. Tyler Curry 0
      Sounds like they're spawning.
    3. Aaron Wesselman 0
      temp was 65 and maybe 12 inches of visibility.
    4. Tyler Curry 0
      I'm going to Cowan tomorrow morning. What's the water temp and clarity?
    5. Aaron Wesselman 1
      thanks Tyler I caught two off the island. And thanks John, put in a couple hours this morning. Didnt whack em but it beats being at home!
    6. John Fitch 0
      Good luck Aaron.
    7. Tyler Curry 0
      Try the Island.

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