1. The UW bay is starting to weed up. Also notice weed beds starting to show up along north half from captain bills east bout 4-8 fow water was still pretty clear in ...more UW bay could see the weed beds. Was also marking lot over action in 18-22 fow on the bottom. This is of last night around 7

    1. Brandan Ganoni 0
      Brent the link your looking for is LakeLink.com.
    2. Brent Holman 0
      Last 2 years I was clicking a link/bookmark that gave me a graph to when the fish were biting, somehow lost the link, cannot find it now, really disgusted, anyone ...more know where I can get that? It showed barometric pressure, temp, etc, but also showed a graph of when fish were expected to be biting, have no idea what website that was, even if they only allowed free access to that day, even if they went to subscription, cannot find it. It was so helpful. Not weather.com, not Fishidy, etc. I'm going to sell all my computers & move to the woods....??? anyone? It really was fairly accurate, they were peaking last year after 6 pm, generally.
    3. Brian Jensen 2
      thanks, I appreciate that. I will be out on Monona tonight and I will provide a report tomorrow

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