1. Building summer home on Lake Almanor anyone out there know a hot spot for trout. Come on share

    1. Kevin Devoid 1
      Yes , they should have one at the sports nut in Chester
    2. Corinna Galli 0
      Thank for the quick response and the help do you know where I can get a map of the lake I'm new to the area and only know the Prattville end and the country ...more club side.
    3. Kevin Devoid 0
      I have been fishing that lake since I was 6 years old .
    4. Kevin Devoid 0
      The east shore from big springs to the dam is a good trolling lane in spring and fall . The jetties at prattville and geritol cove near the dam launch is good bait ...more fishing with worms or crickets all year .

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