1. how's the night fishing been? thinking about making a night trip soon but haven't seen any reports

    1. metal storm 1
      I would like to start getting into the walleye and striper fishing at dusk/night. just waiting for the water temp to go up a bit now
    2. metal storm 0
      thank you.. I've been up a couple times this year and it was the same thing. nothing shallow yet all fish caught were suspended
    3. Patrick Judge 0
      Night fishing has been slow but killin the smallies in the afternoons...temps have dropped again last couple days, water yesterday was back down to 52 in most spots...gonna ...more b a slow start to walleye season, not seeing much bait up shallow at all yet...couple here and there that's it
    4. John Ellermann 0
      I haven't been up this year yet but last year fishing was great at night and mornings this same time of year. found the best action off Burns island. look for ...more the drop offs fish tend to linger there.

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