1. Hey anyone try going on the water yet for some jigging. took a ride down by the river this morning and didn't see any boats on the water. This was the Canadian ...more side. Anyone know when it should be good to starting jigging in the river

    1. Sam Manzella 0
      I went out of Ecorse, east side of Mud Island, caught two late in the day. Nothing all morning, lots of guys saying nothing also.
    2. Dean Fidler 0
      I went out over the weekend and nobody caught anything. wait till April to go out.
    3. nick habuda 0
      im doing some research and it says that they spawn starting at 40 and the temp at belle isle is 41.5. http://weather.noaa.gov/pub/data/forecasts/marine/near_shore/le/lez444.txt
    4. nick habuda 0
      awesome. im getting the itch to go !!!
    5. Phil Navarre 1
      couple weeks yet. I heard the Maumee river is about ready though!

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