1. Last Sunday. Nothin huge but it did smash the shit out my lure lol. First fish on a Ima.

    1. Deltafishing . 0
      No problem
    2. Dan Woodcock 0
      Thanks man, much appreciated.
    3. Deltafishing . 0
      Thanks again. Dan theres a few areas like rio vista, montezuma slough, freeport off of 160. All areas good for striper an sturgeon.
    4. Rick Hunt 0
      Great pic. Nice fish!
    5. justin gloeckle 0
    6. Dan Woodcock 0
    7. Deltafishing . 0
      Thanks fellas. Dan, there are plenty of places to bank it out here. Pending on where you go though. Where ya coming from?
    8. Drew Gierach 1
      Sweet photo and fish
    9. Christopher Pereira 0
      That's pretty big for a hybrid!
    10. Dan Woodcock 0
      Are there places on the Delta that can be fished from the bank? I live a couple hours North and plan on coming down there for a tour of some of Nor Cals beast fisheries.

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