1. Landed 3 northerns and an eye day before gamefish season ended

    1. Craig Baker 0
      P.S. I have 10 grandchildren, 8 of them age 8-15yrs old. I fish with them all and they call every chance they get to hit the water. My 10yr old has big dream, cover ...more of 2016-2017 hand book with big catfish. He states that that is what he will use as bait for his record catfish. DREAM BIG DANTE.
    2. Craig Baker 0
      what was length and weight??? i haven't seen or heard of wally that size in years in L.G. Congrats. Time to start teaching our children and grandchildren where, ...more when, and how to land the big ones here at home. THIS YEAR EVERY ONE WHO CLAIMS TO BE A WISCONSIN FISHERMAN, TAKE A MINOR, (boy or girl) fishing with you. The joy of a day fishing with them is better than hooking a monster. They will never forget and neither will you.
    3. Craig Baker 0
      OUTSTANDING, not only good size but i bet great eating.
    4. James Palma 0
      Monster walleye!!! I need to figure out how to catch monster eyes on Geneva so damn hard!
    5. Matt Newman 0
      Huge walleye! What did she measure? Where did you pick up that ski in your profile pic?
    6. Tim Steinmetz 0
      Great walleye!
    7. Brent S 0
      Thanks Jon, better late then never
    8. Jon Giacalone 0
      Just in time! Great walleye!

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