1. Well, not having a boat sometimes limits me but I had a fun nite. Caught 4 largemouth bass no keepers though.

    1. Tashia Thompson 1
      Lol bad lighting. It's hard doing a selfie in the dark by yourself. 😁
    2. Scott Sorrell 0
      His lips are purple...throw him back...lol
    3. kenny thompson 0
      Shows how long I've fished freshwater. Didn't even notice.
    4. Tashia Thompson 0
    5. David Brown 0
    6. Tashia Thompson 0
    7. Tashia Thompson 0
      Lol Rich Pardy! I was waiting for someone to catch that. I was riding to one of my friends at the same time and when I had pressed post I didn't know how to ...more edit it I'm new to this website.
    8. Rich Pardy 0
      Nice crappie!!
    9. Christopher Pereira 0
      nice catch
    10. kenny thompson 0
      Since this is fishing here, text me between 7am and 4pm and we can do this football thing. 281-684-1334. I work nights right now.
    11. kenny thompson 0
      Oh boy, this gonna be fun!!!
    12. Tashia Thompson 0
      Yep DC4L 😁
    13. kenny thompson 0
      I would love to put you on some nice trout of you get this way.
    14. kenny thompson 0
      Lol, I grew up in the rice fields. Let me guess, Cowboys fan?
    15. Tashia Thompson 0
      Lol I've had to swim in snake infested creeks. I'm as country as they come. Like all sports but my favorite is fishing, football and disc golf.
    16. kenny thompson 0
      Cool Tashia, also if you will wade in the summer I have a place just walk in the water and catch solid limits of trout. Like baseball?
    17. Tashia Thompson 0
      Thank you David Brown 😉
    18. Tashia Thompson 0
      Anything to do with fishing, sports, I'll try.
    19. kenny thompson 0
      If you're willing to try kayak fishing I can get you in a kayak.
    20. kenny thompson 0
      At least you got bit and line tugged. My tournament partner has the boat but I have a kayak. If your ever down my way holla and will go get you salt bit.
    21. David Brown 0
      Way to go Tashia
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