1. Hey Don, just a quick question for you, do you have any tips for Bruce Lake? Me, my dad, and my brother went their Memorial Day 2014, and couldnt catch a thing. ...more I threw everything in my tackle box for anything that would hit. My dad ended up catching a Rock Bass, and like 2 bluegill. My brother caught a real nice 19 inch bass, and lost a humongous Muskie right by the boat as it broke the line (we saw the fish) and then nothing else the rest of the day. Any tips because I would really love to go there again? Thanks!

    1. Jonah Switzer 0
      Thanks for the tips!
    2. Donn Gambrel 0
      2014 I caught a ton of 14-16 inch bass with pre rig purple or black worms...last summer the weeds were down but I still was able too get big bass on top water biggest ...more one being 20 inches
      My wife caught a 14 1/2 inch crappie early spring on a white mister twister next too the lily pads by the barrels in the middle of the lake
      I like too fish early for bass and then go back out in the late afternoon
      I also throw top water for musky using perch colors...
      Hit me up..I live close by and have a place on the lake and can show you some good spots next time you are out

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