1. Hey all. I'm new to the Trinity area and wondered if someone could share some info on where I could go to do some wading fishing along the coast. I would like ...more to use spinning or fly rod for Reds, Trout, or Snook. Or any other species that haunt the areas. Sure would appreciate some information...Thanks............Flyguy

    1. Emil Tuch 0
      Hey Robert, Frank's right. It might be a good idea to join our club. Meet other fishermen who could share their favorite places to fish. Robert, if you want ...more to take the ride, Honeymoon Island causeway is another good place to wade fish. There's good trout fishing off the north side across from where the restrooms are. Also by the last bridge on the south side of the causeway.
    2. robert grover 0
      Thanks Frank, is that all the way to the end of the Causway? I checked it out on a map.....I will check out your fishing clubs site as well.
    3. Frank Bellizio 0
      You can also do wading fishing off Howard park either off the back side of the beach or off where the kayaks launch. You should visit our fishing club, all local ...more NPR guys. Check out our website at http:fishonclub.us
    4. Emil Tuch 0
      Boggy Bay is just north of the Cotee River
    5. Emil Tuch 0
      Boggy Bay is the area near Brasher Park. The key is to locate Brasher Park and then go fish there.
    6. robert grover 0
      Boggy Bay the same as Boggy Bayou?
    7. robert grover 0
      Thank you for the info. I will be trying it out soon. Any other areas I could work? Thanks again...flyguy
    8. Emil Tuch 0
      What was I thinking? You can type into Fishidy Tarpon Springs and Go north along the coast and find Boggy Bay. If you look at the map you can see Walmart and then ...more follow it out to the water from there, you'' see Boggy Bay.
    9. Emil Tuch 0
      Hi Robert,
      If you go to the end of Ridge Rd.behind the Walmart then go to Old Post Rd. go right to Brasher Park. Walk toward the Gulf and you can wade off to the ...more right. Great red and trout fishing back in there in Boggy Bay.Your can Google Brasher Park and see the map. Good luck.

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