1. Wife Margarita and friends having a nice family fishing day , at Lake Kissimmee State Park , Lake Wales, FL. Hector.

    1. Hector Alcaide 0
      Thank you guys for your comments, for all of them , I may I disagree with some fellows in some points but that's is what is all about, differ and agree, I ...more have been Fishing since I have "memory" but most of my life time was in PR. in the Caribbean and Atlantic Ocean, for Freshwater I begun in MA. for Bass , Trout etc. for the first time in my life in 1998 when we moved to the "mainland". As I said before I ALWAYS release the Fish back to the water. I did not know about the "replica" mount until was a little to late. Well Thanks to all. and God Bless you . Hector.

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