1. Hey Babe, Do u have any tips for me on catching late summer Largemouth.

    1. Todd Hitchings 0
      Any tips for late summer walleye?
    2. Todd Hitchings 0
    3. Eddie Goode 0
      I hope you don't mind me jumping in giving my .02 worth. Thought I could help.
      Water temperature has risen to the 80’s-90's. Many bass move ...more offshore during summer and fan out over the body of water. These are widely known as “dog days.” Bass will gain some weight and become more aggressive. They will begin to school and chase bait. As the summer continues, the techniques and patterns will change. You will have to figure out where the bass are and play with the various techniques until you figure out what patterns will work. When these changes occur is all dependent on the weather conditions.Bass are going to be in 15 to 30+ feet of water. Fishing for suspended fish likely becomes the name of the game. One pattern that works in this type of circumstance is to slow roll a chatterbait or crankbait in the suspended fish. Slow roll a spinnerbait over the submerged trees (Vertical Structure), occasionally bumping the tree tops, in 30+ feet of water. Top water baits will work on schooling fish and Texas-rigged plastic worms will work on humps and ridges in 15+ feet of water. Your best bet is to fish very early, daylight to 9 or 10:00 o’clock and late in the evening 7:00 o’clock until and after dark.

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