1. Really could use some local knowledge. Fishing sauk city to lone rock on a 30 mile river trip in mid july. Looking predominately for smallmouth bass. Can anyone ...more lend some advice on lure selection for the area?

    1. Bluegill Whisperer 0
      Thanks guys. Much appreciated.
    2. Patrick Empey 0
      Usually daytime smallies are up on the rocks picking off craws so throw squarebills and shad raps in orange, red, or some soft of crawfish color at any type of rock ...more structure. You'll likely pick up a walleye here and there too. If you don't want to throw cranks soft plastic crawfish or any type of grub work really well.
    3. Zac Timm 0
      I used to fish the Wisconsin years ago and what I remember most is perch color/pattern lures we're golden regardless of type of lure.
    4. Clay Russell 0
      I don't have their phone numbers, but try to call Gary Engberg with a rural Sauk City address or Wally Banfi who works at Ace Hardware in Sauk City. They are ...more both part-time guides and are good guys and will share information with you.

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