1. Fished Coffeen 6-6-15 from 8:00 to 1:30 local. Water temp 83 to 84 degrees all day, but warmer near the dam. Caught four bass total. The smallest was under 10 ...more inches with the largest going about 2 1/2 pounds. All fish caught on Texas rigged 7 inch Motor Oil colored Power Bait curly tailed worms. Only one fish hit the bait hard. All others were very light hits with the largest fish picking up the worm without me knowing. I set the hook only after realizing that the line was moving slowly away from my retrieve. We also has numerous "tugs" that did not produce fish. My fishing buddy had two fish lost near the boat, one on a 7 inch blue curly tailed worm with on a lead jig head. The second fish was on a 10 inch curly tailed watermelon colored worm. Found these fish in shallow coves (5-10 feet). Water had some color with 3-4 feet visibility. Lots of fishermen on the water.

    1. Kermit Boschert 0
      Thanks Mike. I'll give it a try. It will be a new experience for me to fish that deep
    2. mike robinette 0
      From 15' to 30' fow......my smallest was 13" and biggest was 19", so about 3.5 pounds. All on the main lake. You just have to use your electronics ...more to locate the spots. I usually don't venture back into the coves once the water hits the 80s. Sometimes you can get a decent flipping bite going on the lay downs, but it's definitively more productive deep. At least IMO.
    3. Kermit Boschert 0
      Mike, how deep and where, if you don't mind me asking. We were in shallower water in the coves near the train track and then near the dam (side away from the ...more spillway). I haven't done much deep water fishing on Coffeen but am willing to try. Sounds like you had a good day. Congrats.
    4. mike robinette 0
      Was out roughly about the same time, maybe a little earlier, but left about the same time. I ended up with about 15 or so using the same,7 in Texas rigged motor ...more oil power worm. Also 1/4 oz shaky head with watermelon red flake trick worm. All my fish came deep.

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