1. Badin 5-23-15, start around 4am with frogs on grass line had a limit 5 each by 7:15am and 5 best would have been near 18 lbs, Barret big fish was 5.9lbs and my BF ...more was 4.7lbs. For the day we boat 20plus fish, may have been more I'm sure. We worked points and off shore after 10am and we had a blast, jigs s.head and c-rigs from 8 to 20ft of water. All was good but those joy rider where crazy. You would be sitting 20ft off the bank and they would ride between you and the bank. Those jet ski, need to be taken away from kids and some of their parents are as bad as the kids. It's crazy, when you ride right where you see someone casting a lure. But thank God, that he look out for dumb people.

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