1. walleye deadstickin

    1. Art Rajek 0
      I'm heading up that way Thursday probably fish there that night.. Going to be in Nodak until 13 th. you been fishing?
    2. cam ole 0
      nice... wish I had the spot the guy going for pike had... but all good. just wanted to get down there really..
    3. Art Rajek 0
      We hammer them 😁 the kiddy corner from were we meet😎
    4. Art Rajek 0
      It's ur responsibility keep the rod up !!😳
    5. cam ole 0
      ya... it was a slow day for eyes... we were nailing smallys... girlfriend gets to bored if a rod isn't going every so often so it was nice fighting some 3-5 ...more pounders...
    6. Art Rajek 0
      Cigar 🍼

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