1. Does anyone know the water temps by the north launch and the typical summer time water temps up there and roughly where does the water temp begin to rise I want ...more to fish here over the summer but my outboard is old and I don't know if running 100 degree water through it would be the best, thanks

    1. zack kocovsky 0
    2. George Schaffer 0
      Alright thanks I am gonna to launch north it should be colder up there and btw r u in off the hook
    3. zack kocovsky 0
    4. George Schaffer 0
      What side did u fish?
    5. George Schaffer 0
      Alright thanks
    6. zack kocovsky 0
      When I went it was 101 degrees
    7. George Schaffer 0
      Thanks is that the current water temp or what is it usually during the summer?
    8. zack kocovsky 0
      90 degrees

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