1. Hey Brian,

    Just curious if you wadder fish Lake Wingra in Madison and Where you find access?


    1. Luke Stacey 0
      Hey Brian, Thank you so much for the information. I will for sure be out there to try for those muskies and bass. How far out roughly from shore? Good thing I didn't ...more take the trek through that woods....haha.
    2. Brian K 0
      One more tip, fish the area just east of Wingra boats this spring in your waders. Walk until you are about waist deep and in front of the big white house that is ...more next to the field by Wingra boats. You will see what I am talking about when you get there. Fish a soft plastic bait (mr. Whiggley) that sinks slow (jerk retrieve) or a black/orange Mepps Buck tail with a Colorado blade in the evening before sunset. I guarantee you will catch fish
    3. Brian K 0
      Hi Luke, sorry for the delayed response. I've been on the 80/20 schedule lately due to tax season, 80% work and 20% ice fishing! Ice has melted so I'm back ...more on here.

      Good question about Wingra. On the north side of the lake, your best bet is to access lake by Wingra boats and head east. The water is very wade able for about 400 yards and then it gets too mucky.

      The south side has very limited access. You can't park in the arboretum unless you park in a parking lot and walk about a mile down the street and through the woods. You may find this out for yourself but it is not a pleasant journey. Woods are very thick/bushy - it's a marsh so go figure haha. Very difficult to navigate with 2 $200 musky rods. Anyway first time I did that I decided never again. Only option without getting eaten alive by mosquitoes or breaking the tip off of your rod is to load your stuff in a kayak and anchor it wherever you want. That is what I did a couple times and had good success.

      Hope this helps. Unfortunately the south side of the lake is a preservation and thus no walking trails or lake access. Judging by all of the no parking signs around there, you'd probably get a ticket pretty quick so be careful.

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