1. This past Saturday I ran the University of Maine’s first ever ice fishing trip, and Fishidy was a huge help!

    The temperatures were at extreme lows Saturday, well ...more into the negatives in the morning, but my group of gutsy undergraduates geared up and tackled one of the southern coves of Lake Pushaw in Orono, ME. With my overall goal of making sure there were plenty of flags popping for my group of fellow anglers (ranging from first-timers to fishing vets), I knew I needed to have a plan going into the trip. I had never fished this body of water during the winter, so when it came time to drawing up a game plan, I went straight to Fishidy. Using the quality depth maps, I picked out an easily accessible cove by active launch, and found a very intriguing depth slope. I expected a lot of baitfish to get cornered in the bay, up against the little north-jetting peninsula.

    As a group we had over 20 flags for the day! Fishidy came up clutch, once again. Here's a picture of the sunset on the really successful day!

    I'll have a full write up & more photos about the trip coming up soon on whyknotfishing.com

    1. jeff bennett 0
      very nice
    2. Rich Pardy 0
      Awesome, sounds like a fun day.
    3. Jon Giacalone 0
      Sounds like an awesome day, looking forward to reading the blog post!

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