1. get ready to learn a lot !!!! we talk as much about fishing as women do about tv shows and shopping Ha ha ha

    1. Shirley Steele 1
      Still fishing just working too much
    2. tim noles 0
      Where did you go ? did you stop fishing ?
    3. tim noles 0
      ha ha ha !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    4. Shirley Steele 1
      That's not A problem, that's YOUR problem..lol!
    5. tim noles 0
      The problem...Some women fish better than men... ouch !!!!
    6. tim noles 0
      Yep i know some that really love fishing my wife is one of them. but we still dont have enough....
    7. Shirley Steele 0
      some woman. other woman like to talk about hunting, fishing, guns and the outdoors!

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