1. Nice Bass Luke !! Where were you at when you caught 'em? Seen a few of your post from Lake St.Clair, you from that area. Just north of me on western Lake Erie. ...more Yeah winter is here for us it's 21 degrees W/C of 5 deg.and got about 3 " of snow overnight, worst part is the endless grey dull days, sure you know what I mean. Tim

    1. Tim Swartz 0
      Hey Luke yeah all and all it was a good year for fishing, heck any day fishing is a great day. I mean come on, even being on disability was a good year. Sorry for ...more the assumption that you lived by lake st Clair, so how was the fishing in Central Illinios this year? I have had several boats over the years but just got my first Bass boat a year ago. I always wanted one but wasn't able to afford one, its not new but is in great shape and absolutely flies on the water. Yeah with the weather so nasty I got all winter to go over my equipment and tackle and get ready for next season, so do you fish many Tournaments?
    2. Luke Stoner 0
      Tim - I was actually at a little 150 acre lake, Lake Arlan, in my hometown of Pekin, Illinois. I was up in the St. Clair area earlier this fall for a tournament, ...more I actually live in Central Illinois currently. Hate to hear that this brutal winter weather has settled in for you, too. But I guess that means it's about time for hunting / ice fishing! Hopefully fishing has been good for you as of late. Tight lines, Luke.

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