1. Anyone get out on Nolin for bass within the last week?

    1. Ted Myers 0
      Anyone get out on Nolin in March with the water so high? Have a small club tournament this weekend 3/22
    2. Ted Myers 0
      3 oz football jig. hmmmm. Have to go get some cannon balls.
    3. Ted Myers 0
      Cool. Buddy of mine fished this week, had 3 keepers in 4 hours on main lake points. Med. running sexy shad crankbait and Blk/Blue jigs.
    4. Zack Smith 0
      Kinky beaver tails from smity city ... Fished on 1 to 3 oz football jig black/blue in clear water brown/green on the weekends with dirty water
    5. Ted Myers 0
      Usually do well on #7 jointed shad raps as well as chrome/blue back Norman deep baby N
    6. Ted Myers 0
      Thanks. Dang, surprised the water temps are so low already. Beavers seem to work well on Nolin.
    7. Zack Smith 0
      Try beaver tails on the banks where main channel runs right up Tao them... Yes even with the water temp in the 60's
    8. jason metcalf 0
      two weeks ago. The bigger ones hadnt moved shallow yet.

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