1. Lol... Ya I have 4 boys n a little girl. A lot of smack talking gos on around our house. I just tell them to show me on the lake. Then it gets quiet! lol

    1. Ron Morgan 0
      sure wish I could havegotten my wife,daughter and grandaughter interested in fishing,God knows I tried but it was a 'no go" all around.
    2. amber Roberts 0
      LOL! kids can be a handful!!!
    3. Brandie Knight 0
      Athens is one of my favorite lakes because it's small and easy to navigate. It's been over-fished a little here lately because a Share Lunker was caught ...more earlier in the year and it's gotten a lot of media attention- but still a great lake. If, you plan a trip out, hit the little cove right by the launch. I've had some good luck flipping by the lillypads. Another good spot is right in front of the dam. Fish the south side of the dam in front of the boat docks where the water hits 18-20ft deep.
    4. Kirk Van Huis 0
      Oh ya, it's great. My mom n dad divorced when I was young. I never got tought anything. So the more time I spend with them the better. So y'all fish Athens ...more a lot?
    5. Brandie Knight 0
      I love seeing families fish together, even when there's some smack talk. I promise that you are making memories with your children that they will never forget.

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