1. Hey Mike. I got to the big O for the first time this past March. Can't wait to get back maybe in Feb. Can i contact u for some up to date info then

    1. mike yon 0
      that north end can be tough when the wind come up.
    2. mike yon 0
      Hey Terry
    3. mike yon 0
      hey terry
    4. Terry Bonsell 0
      Mike, we had r club classic there the third week of March(2 day). We stayed on the north end(o city). Practice was great. E Z swimmer,swim jig, and punch rig just ...more outside the monkey box. First day of tour started good,3 in first hr. Then the wind come up and dirtetd up the wate. Tuff after that. Second day wind wasawful. Could not make the run down so ended up in tin house. Wind was still blowing in there pretty good. Caught a small limit punchin matts there. Could not get that big bite. Learned a lesson while there. Need to have a wind protected back up And if water dirtied up, move toll u find clean water.
    5. mike yon 0
      how did you do in march
    6. mike yon 0
      yes contact me any time
    7. Terry Bonsell 0
      thanks scotty
    8. Scott Kerslake 0
      yes, my name is Scotty

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