1. what are y'all guys catching them on. i need some tips for a tournament Saturday

    1. Noah West 0
      thanks guys keep me updated
    2. micheal Cooper 0
      red rattle working slow... Sunday in the back end of North salty along 72 in 2 to 3 ft of water caught a 4 1/2 and a two off a white trick worm in garlic a 5 off ...more a blue and crome jerk bait working it slow and 3 fish 2 to 3 1/2 lbs on a white 3/8 spinner
    3. Larry Williams 0
      Yesterday two fishermen (unfortunately not me) Caught a 7 lb and 7 1/2 pounder on Rattletrap Most of the fishrmen I saw hauling them in were using crank baits but ...more some wer hitting jigs.s

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