1. Sounds like an exciting year ahead. We were at Chickamauga last week on our way back from Christmas in the Smokies. I would wish you good luck but I know luck doesn't ...more win tournaments, hard work and fishing knowledge along with confidence, believing you can win, that wins tournaments. So work hard, study the lakes and tournament history, then believe in your skills. I believe it's ok to be A little bit cocky, I've have met many of the top anglers in the Elite series and they all are believers in their own skills, and think they can win every time they go out.

    1. shannon west 0
      yeah the last 2years we have killed them on it.......something has changed
    2. Robert Jourden 0
      I would also try chunk rock points near deep water at the mouth of large bays. As for the A-Rig I have found mixed results, most everyone throws it some, and most ...more people catch some fish with it, but not the magic bullit it's hyped up to be, that being said I will always have one tied on.
    3. shannon west 0
      yeah i feel the same....going to prefish thur..going to try some humps in the mouth of bays ... what has happend to the a. rig this year?
    4. Robert Jourden 0
      Hey Shannon-- Red craw is a great color this time of year here on Ky.Lake. I fell like the warmer weather we are having may move some fish up to spawn staging spots, ...more but the temps have been so mixed up who knows.
    5. shannon west 0
      hey robert...shannon here...been catching fish on a bantit 200 red craw and luckey craft custom paint rootbeer....got a tournament sat out of big bear..they say ...more the big bags r on the river channel?

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