1. Fishing from a boat and shore at Twin Lakes Reservoir on July 4 was fair. A majority of boater anglers reported catching a few trout with a handful of anglers not ...more landing a single trout. Between dusk and dawn, ravenous mackinaw are cruising the shorelines seeking forage near the channel linking the upper and lower lakes. During the day, the quintessential behavior of a lake trout is to migrate for deeper water. Boat anglers reported catching 15 to18 inch lake trout on jigs without sucker meat at a depth of 35 feet. Shore anglers experienced the most success fishing near the power plant when compared to other areas of the lake. Near the power plant, shore anglers caught several rainbow trout on green PowerBait, worms, wet flies, and rainbow rooster tails. At the Dexter Point boat ramp, shore anglers reported that the fish activity had tapered off from last week. No surveyed shore anglers caught a fish at the upper lake, although boat anglers were able to land a few lake trout at the upper lake. Midday water surface temperatures were in the mid 60s. Report courtesy of www.kansasangler.com and Zeiner’s Bait and Tackle.

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