1. Anyone been ice fishing off Minnetonka or near Minneapolis that is willing to share any hot spots or tips?

    1. Gregory Jones 0
      Was just out this weekend. Ice is around 19-20 inches but the channels and pressure points are very thin and many cars going through. If you don't know these ...more spots avoid fishing this lake. However, I fished Wayzata bay which you can access via firelane on North side. Find the 60 foot hole. You will find suspended crappie, bass, and perch with an occassional wally and pike. We used glow jig heads (blue) tipped with crappie minnows and slaughtered the crappies and perch. We also dropped Swedish pimples (ice white or green) tipped with fat heads and they produced a few bass and a couple nice walleys.
    2. Brian Jensen 0
      I was wondering the same thing. I'm planning a trip up there in a few weeks. I typically fish northern MN, like Lake Winnie.

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