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Fishidy is a waterway location based social network for people who love to fish.

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Fishidy's waterway database contains the most popular lakes, rivers, streams and coastlines of the United States, and continues to expand as new waterways are added every day.


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Availability and range of features varies per waterway based on popularity and information available. Whether you're fishing on the Atlantic Ocean or the pond in your backyard, you can use Fishidy to mark your catches or spots, track your progress, and learn to fish smarter over time!

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What Is Premium?

Over 27,000 marked Fishing Hot Spots®

Proven fishing spots include GPS coordinates, identifying high percentage areas to target a variety of species.

Nearly 50,000 bottom composition areas mapped!

Trusted fishing tips from local experts offering seasonal approaches, presentations and lures proven to be successful.

Over 260,000 vegetation and structure points!

Mapped underwater structures such as deep weed lines, fish cribs, rock piles, wrecks and many more fish-holding hot spots.

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Our Industry-Leading Partners

Fishidy partners with some of the biggest names and smartest outdoor technology companies in the game to bring powerful fishing tools right to your fingertips.

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What people are saying about Fishidy

I've been using this product for a couple of years now and I am constantly using it. Fishidy expanded my fishing skills and I find myself fishing offshore more than ever now with all the hot spots and mapping done. I got so many people hooked on Fishidy. Tight lines!

Jarid T.