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    Fish caught on 5-10-16

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  4. Can anyone give me a few broad tips about fishing this lake in the spring (April). I have done well in the fall but never tried fishing it in the spring. Basically, ...more I just wanna know if I need to be fishing shallow or deep.

    1. Ben Ford
      Thanks for the info
    2. Eddie Goode
      Ben send me a email and I will send you some info on Clinton Lake.
    3. chris benedict
      Always base your decision on seasonal patterns. With Clinton lake though, since its heated, the patterns that bass use this time of year will generally happen sooner. ...more Normal lakes this time of year, bass are putting on the feed bag. They are trying to move up from the deeper water they stay in in the winter. They are in all areas of the lake right now, moving shallow as water warms more. Best bet is to try all depths, but concentrate on mid range depths mostly. You will then be trying to intercept those fish movin shallow to spawn. Hope that helps
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  5. Looking for a new reel #rulethewater with ARDENT

    1. Landon Rakes
      Yes I make the edits myself
    2. Do you help make these
    3. Eddie Goode
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  6. Added a catch

    Blue skies, big bass and baseball season cant be far off because Im going crazy with our weather, I need to get out on the water!!!!!

    Largemouth Bass with a Jig and home made craw

    1. we have ice in many places what were re frozen the other week, very windy many days, fish confused, me annoyed. now they're closing many areas to stock stupid ...more little trout for the bucket brigade.
    2. Felix Silva
      I like your thoughts Rich! Let's hope some rain and wind die off so we can real in a big girl.
    3. Melissa Norris
      great catch mr. Rich!!😀
    4. Rich Pardy
      Looks like we are all in the same boat that we wish we were in a boat instead of the house :)
    5. Ed Hesse
      We're almost there Rich hang on buddy!
    6. Jacob Anderson
      Looking forward to all three!
    7. Drew Gierach
      Raining/sleeting here until Monday. I'm ready for some warm/dry weather!
    8. Kenneth Olivo
      Lots of rain in pa this weekend but I'm gonna be smiling like that if I catch a monster! nice bass rich
    9. Eddie Goode
    10. Rob Koontz
      Rain all weekend in PA, lows in the mid 50's highs around 70 so I'll be in my kayak in full rain gear. We rarely have any lightning here, otherwise no way.
    11. Rich Pardy
      Same with us Robert. looks like rain for the next week :( Go Cubs Go!!
    12. Robert Coleman
      I hear you Rich. Rain coming here for the next 4 days! Not having much luck lately! Lets hope our Cubbies have a repeat!!!!
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  7. Details: Brush

    habitat structure sites deployed in 2011

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  9. Details: Brush

    habitat structure sites deployed in 2011-2012

  10. My happy place isn't some expensive place far away. It's just a few yards away out of my back door #vikingrods

    1. Grammar *face-palm*
    2. That's a beautiful!
    3. Eddie Goode
      Nice. I have one of those spots in my front yard.
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  11. Stay frosty my friends #vikingrods Order yours or inquire about a custom build today

    1. Landon Rakes
      I got my rod they look pretty darn sharp and work like no other
    2. Drew Gierach
      Awesome photo. I'll have to look into these rods.
    3. Eddie Goode
      I got mine and they are one awesome rod.
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