1. Bit right at the bank

    2 lb. 12 oz. 17 in. Largemouth Bass with a storm swimbait

    1. jimbo harwood
      that chartreuse swim bait works great for eyes too. Nice catch.
    2. Morris Campbell
      Nice one Will!
    3. Rich Pardy
      Nice bass Will!!
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  2. Took two float trips on the Obey and both had more quality fish than quantity

    2 lb. 13 oz. 18 in. Rainbow Trout with a roostertail

    1. Boom!!
    2. Smoke signals!!
    3. I use pigeons to send my letters
    4. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner..
    5. I write letters and mail them usp!
    6. Beat that
    7. I use a typewriter to post on the app ;|
    8. i have a flip phone noah, i win! i use a digital camera like a cave man!
    9. I have a :m3 so consider yourself lucky
    10. Will Schibig
      Chris it's just a iPhone 6s with some editing on Instagram
    11. Nice bow!!
    12. Jonah Switzer
      Awesome fish! Sounds like a great fishing day!
    13. your camera takes some nice colorful pictures, what do you use?
    14. jimbo harwood
      looks like it was a great day too.. lol
    15. jimbo harwood
      awesome bow Will.. nice catch..
    16. Great fish will
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  3. 5 lb. 20 in. Smallmouth Bass with a swimbait

    1. Jessica Eaton
      nice smallie
    2. Rich Pardy
      Nice smallie!!
    3. David Tanner
      trout would def be down that low-just really luck of the draw right now with float and fly season-fly has been slow
    4. David Tanner
      with the water temp being almost 60 in some places lot of suspended fish-think these fish are coming out of 30-35 ft to get these baits
    5. Will Schibig
      I was fishing 60 foot with a keitech and marinas Sunday and didn't even see a bass, just caught trout
    6. David Tanner
      20-25 ft
      20-25 ft
    7. Will Schibig
      How deep
    8. David Tanner
      Fishing the East Side of the lake over in the Ashburn. Jolley Creek area-spring should be this year at Dale for you
    9. Vernon Harvey
      what part of the lake are you on? I am planning my first trip their this spring
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  5. Caught the limit in under an hour

    13 oz. 12 in. Rainbow Trout with a Crappie tube

    1. jimbo harwood
      dang you ain't lying Robert.. we are only aloud 5 here in Mich.
    2. Robert Coleman
      THAT is a lot of good eating there! I wish our limit was that big! LOL
    3. Smoke em up!
    4. Doon my fishy friends
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  6. First cast

    4 lb. 5 oz. 18 in. Largemouth Bass with a Punisher Wobble head w/ Trickworm

    1. Morris Campbell
      Good one Will!!
    2. Rich Pardy
      Nice one, your burning up the fish lately!!
    3. Rich Pardy
      Nice one, your burning up the fish lately!!
    4. It's always the first our the past. ;)
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  7. Some Golfcourse bass

    3 lb. 7 oz. 17 in. Largemouth Bass with a Trickworm

    1. jimbo harwood
      nice fish.
    2. Morris Campbell
      Looks like you were well under par there Will!!! Nice work.
    3. Great golf course
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  8. CHUBZILLA!! It's not everyday when you're streamer fishing and catch a chub bigger than the trout

    5 oz. 7 in. Creek Chubsucker with a Woolybuggers

    1. Mitch Roth
      Yeah they can grow larger then books will say, I use to regularly catch 12 inch chub in a Creek by my house. Was nearly bass fishing. Have never seen one over 6 ...more inches in at least 6 years though
    2. jimbo harwood
      lol. not a bad lil trout.. smoke the chuds.. I heard that they taste good.. lol. never tried it though.
    3. Will Schibig
      That's insane
    4. Jonah Switzer
      Me and my brother have caught chub over 15 inches in our favorite creek in Indiana. We consider them sport fish on that creek!
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  9. It was a grind to catch our limit at Lafayette City Lake

    15 oz. 12 in. Rainbow Trout with a roostertails

    1. Darn there's a Lafayette Colorado to.
    2. Will Schibig
      In Lafayette, Tennessee
    3. jimbo harwood
      nice limit of trout guys
    4. Where's Lafayette city lake?
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  10. Watch the vid of the odd channel cat

    1 lb. 15 oz. 19 in. Channel Catfish with a fly

    1. I ment ohhhhh
    2. What?!?!??!
    3. Morris Campbell
      Lake Capote near Pagosa springs. Some 8 + lb. largemouth in there too.
    4. Morris please
    5. Where! I want to get a cat!
    6. Morris Campbell
      I've caught channel cat on stone fly nymphs in Colorado.
    7. heard you can fish for carp like that too!
    8. Will Schibig
      Woolybuggers and nice to know I have a fan lol
    9. I was the first person (behind you to see the vid) ps what did you catch it off?
    10. jonh stimson
      nice vid.
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  11. New PB

    8 lb. 5 oz. 23 in. Largemouth Bass with a Squarebill

    1. Eric Moore
      That's a tank! That beats my personal best on old hickory, congrats!
    2. Mike Hirsch
      Didn't even know they had hog mollies in there! Well played sir
    3. Jessica Eaton
      nice fish
    4. nelson pegg
      Awesome will sweet pig
    5. jonh stimson
      nice pb great catch
    6. Joe Tuohey
      Awesome fish Will. Congratulations on the PB!
    7. Morris Campbell
      Congrats Will!!! Nice Lunker Bass!
    8. Sweet!
    9. Rich Pardy
      Nice catch Will!!
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My #1 goal is to prove that Tennessee has the best fishing in the world. Fly fishing for trout in the cold clear rivers or searching for bass and crappie throughout the numerous lakes and reservoirs in the Volunteer State.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Smallmouth Bass, Rainbow trout
  • Waterway Obey River, TN/ Old Hickory Lake, TN/ Dale Hollow Lake, TN/ Kentucky Lake, TN
  • Lure Crankbaits, Soft Plastics

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