1. 31" walleye weighing in at 11 pounds just pulled through the ice in Sunset Lodge fish house #8 by Justin Bosma!

    1. Ronald Howell
      Now that is the kind of Walleye we are all looking to catch. Great Job.
    2. dream fish!
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  3. 6 lb 4 oz spotted on a Live Target red and black crayfish square I'll. Blew out my knee sliding down the bank to release her safely. Worth it

    1. Justin Higgins
      nice I didn't know where you were from I am in western North Carolina and that spot would probably be close to a record down here
    2. Rob Koontz
      Justib, PA has no spotted category, just largemouth . I caught an 8.12 spot out of the same lake last fall , my PB bass, in Westmoreland county near Greensburg. ...more I have caught more spots than largemouth in the lake.
    3. where was this at that is a huge spot have you checked your local records on spots
    4. nice catch๐Ÿ˜€
    5. Great catch! Got a ten for the catch and a five for the release! The things we do for those beautiful bass.
    6. Rich Pardy
      Nice bass and I hope your alright
    7. Rob Koontz
      Thanks guys!
    8. Amazing catch
    9. nice! be careful!
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  4. 18 inch

    White Crappie with a jig with a white twister

    1. Wow! Awesome fish!
    2. Rich Pardy
      Heck of a crappie!
    3. Nice fish.
    4. Jonah Switzer
      What a crappie!
    5. Brian Foughty
      Congrats on the monster crappie half inch from matching the state record
    6. Not a crappie day. Congrats
    7. good looking fish๐Ÿ˜€
    8. Nice catch!
    9. That's a true Slab!!!!
    10. Insane size!
    11. Great catch!
    12. Jon Giacalone
      Nice crappie!
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  5. ice has been sucking pretty much so took advantage of the low wind forecast and went lake trout jigging. they were very picky, we hooked 4 and landed 2 with probably ...more a dozen light nudges that didn't hook up and a dozen plus more rushed off the bottom and didn't hit. multiple lures, bait, bait tipped lures and various jigging techniques tried. jigging rap jigged a paused and bladebait on the fall got the most love. all fish came off the bottom in 60-70' of water.

    Lake Trout with a jigging rap

    1. I do have plenty of options within about an hour drive in any direction have to give it up to the njf&w!
    2. Rich Pardy
      Nice man, I have to admit Im jealous of your fishing options, when our ice sucks like now I have no other options unless I travel :(
    3. Wow! ๐Ÿ˜œ
    4. yeah morris i tried them (call them freestyle jigs but same thing) i got one to try hoping it would help keep them hooked, i had it hit once and no hookup and another ...more one hit it hook up and come off fighting on the way up haha
    5. Great catch! Beautiful fish!
    6. Tim Steinmetz
      That's awesome! Way to get out there and catch em! Usually this time of year when the ice sucks I pretty much give up.
    7. NJ Squatch
      Love the markings on those fish
    8. Derek Herring
      Beauty, WTG Chris!!
    9. Nice one Chris!! Have you tried the smaller butterfly jigs?? My buddy crushes them in Canada on them in 70+ feet.
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  6. Well I am pleased to announce my dry spell is officially over.. ( : haven't caught a thing on the French Broad... Holston.. and finally reeled in this little ...more guy today under bridge on the Nolachucky!!.. how did this even happen..??!! Lol

    1. Good thing is you were around the bait fish, you were in the right area.
    2. Mount it!!!
    3. No way!! That's crazy!
    4. ~River Woman~
      The hook is bent... maybe something tagged it and that minnow somehow escaped then got... got...
    5. ~River Woman~
      I did... no luck lol
    6. throw that back out, it'll probably get crushed haha
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  7. Here's our best east slope Cutthroat from Colorado. My son caught this one.

    1. Rich Pardy
      Awesome catch by your son!!
    2. Dang
    3. Nice Fish
    4. Tim Steinmetz
      Ahh-mayy-zing catch, Morris!
    5. Haha Chris..I've had some good luck.;)
    6. Elisa T
      Prolly pretty ahh-mayy-zing Christopher!
    7. Elisa T
      That's a real beauty Morris!! ๐Ÿ˜ Thanks for sharing!
    8. can you imagine what this guys stock of trophy photos looks like!?
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  8. Added a catch

    Only caught and released about a dozen today, but they were nice ones! This one gets a master angler award for Iowa!

    11 in. Bluegill with a waxworm

    1. Rich Pardy
      Dang thats a monster gill!!
    2. Tim Steinmetz
      Amazing bluegill!
    3. great looking bluegill๐Ÿ˜€
    4. Beastly. Couldn't even jig up a small one today
    5. Aaron Huffman
      Monster gill. Fun pulling those through the ice
    6. Wow that is an awesome gill! You don't see those everyday. Great catch!
    7. Now that's a true bull, awesome fish!
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  9. Added a catch

    Once the snow cleared I caught this tank of a trout yesterday!! I think I'm starting to get a hang of this fly fishing thing! ๐Ÿ™Œ

    Cutthroat Trout with a Leech

    1. Elisa T
    2. Lure
    3. Wade Bowles
    4. jimmy clifton
      pretty fish,
    5. Elisa T
      I got one good jump out of him! He was trying to run back into the deep.
    6. Big Trout + Moving Water + Jump = the that got away. Amazing that you brought that one in.
    7. Did it Jump?
    8. It looks like a Cutt Elisa. A really big Cutt!!!! Congrats. Nice work!
    9. That is a beaut!
    10. Another great pic and catch! That looks like a magazine cover photo. Very nice Elisa!
    11. Very nice Elisa!!! Postcard pic!!!
    12. Uhh. Elisa your a natural.
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  10. I'm not sure if I'd be considered a rainbow or a lake trout or other but this has got to be my biggest trout to on the fly to date!

    Rainbow Trout

    1. Elisa T
      Taken care of! ๐Ÿ˜‹
    2. Sorry Elisa that's a rainbow
    3. It's a Rainbow Elisa and a really good one too!!! Congrats on your PB.
    4. Looks like a rainbow to me or some variation. Def not a lake trout though I'd say. Awesome fish though, whatever it is
    5. Looks kinda like a brown trout or maybe a hybrid of some type. Ask Capt Morris Campbell, he fishes trout a lot. Beautiful big trout !!
    6. Nice trout and great pic!!!
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  11. If it could go wrong it did for John and I today. We were boat #4 out of the shoot this morning and I was feeling good until I saw one of the boats in front of ...more use run it our cut. We fell in and fished behind them. Then the cable broke on the trolling motor, but I was able to redneck engineer it with 3 screwdrivers a pair of channel locks and a bunch of duct tape. It worked but made it tough to fish the way I would have fished. Still even after this and losing a couple of good fish ended up in 4th. More pictures to come later.

    1. J
    2. Paul S.
      Proof that pliers and duck tape can fix just about anything!
    3. NJ Squatch
      good ol' MacGyvering right there
    4. Way to make it happen Captain!!!
    5. Jesus Sanchez
      same situation happened to me. Sadly water went inside the trolling motor so it would act up at different speeds. out points were all offshore and with a windy day,we ...more called it quits and left home hah
    6. Get er done !!!
    7. That's a good outcome for that much trouble.
    8. Wow! You could be the next MacGyver! Sorry about the lost fish, congrats on 4th!
    9. Jeez, sounds like you managed to salvage the day
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