1. Hi Katherine! Welcome to Fishidy and thanks for checking us out. I'm sure a few people will comment on this and welcome you to our community of almost 600,000. ...more We look forward to seeing your updates and posts!

    1. Matthew Malarik
    2. Derek Stitt
      Hello Katherine!
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  2. Jimbo heres that pic I was talking about from a couple of years ago :) I know we were the only 2 idiots in a canoe this day :)

    1. Matthew Malarik
    2. jimbo harwood
      that's what I'm saying..
    3. Rich Pardy
      Im usually out in any weather but may skip the lightning now after reading Mike D's report about his pole buzzing
    4. jimbo harwood
      lol.. that's right.. Rain, snow or shine... no lighting tho. lmao
    5. Wade Bowles
      A great angler fears no elements!
    6. Rich Pardy
      All that is missing is the Santa hat :)
    7. Derek Stitt
      That would make a nice Christmas card photo lol
    8. Mike D
      Rich that makes a Christmas card pic !!!
    9. Brrrr.
    10. Man rich better wear that life jacket in the canoe when it's cold like that. I have swam with boots and a coat in frigid water and it's a fight for your ...more life situation bro!!
    11. Eddie Goode
    12. jimbo harwood
      hahaha still sounded like fun!
    13. Hahaha
    14. Rich Pardy
      We got skunked except for a bunch of drum we netted. We did ride the canoe down the hill like a sled into the water, that ended a lot better than I thought it ...more was gonna 😎
    15. jimbo harwood
      how was the fishing though, was it worth it? lol
    16. jimbo harwood
      LMAO.. i bet you was!!! talk about whiteout.. lol. that's how I look when I go for the whitefish in November.. lol. nice.
    17. Tim Steinmetz
      Haha! I remember this one!
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  3. Largemouth Bass with a spinnerbait

    1. Derek Stitt
      Awesome Largemouth Scott
    2. wow nice fishπŸ˜€
    3. Toad! Nice fish Scott
    4. That's a Toad! Nice bass Scott!
    5. Nice bass!!
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  4. 4.78 largemouth I got at 11:15 last night with the temperature in the mid 60's. And 20 hours later it's snowing. Oh yeah, I caught her on a Whopper Plopper, ...more in PA, in February. I wouldn't have tied it on, but they were nipping at the surface.

    1. Awesome! I knew I should have gone fishing
    2. jimbo harwood
      nice bass.. that's awesome
    3. Heckuva bass there Rob...
    4. Morris, I knew you would see that!πŸ˜€
    5. Rob Koontz
      Thanks all!
    6. I wanted to let you have that one Shawn.. LOL. Nice one Rob!!
    7. nice catchπŸ˜€
    8. Derek Stitt
      Nice one buddy πŸ‘
    9. Whopper Plopper strikes again! Nice catch!
    10. Rich Pardy
      Nice bass and thats crazy top water action in February!!
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  5. Couldn't get out in my small boat today with the wind forecast so i played around with the photo editing.

    1. jimbo harwood
      sweet editing Chris.. that would make a cool post card.. lol
    2. Haha i knew that:)
    3. Hahaha just to be clear the background is def not nj! But the fish all are!
    4. Derek Stitt
      Awesome edit Chris
    5. Rich Pardy
      Sweet edit Chris, careful or your gonna end up in a magazine for an ad for Ardent :)
    6. Nice work chris.
    7. I love those Jersey mountains!
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  6. Won the Pineywoods Bass Club tournament on February 18th on Sam Rayburn with 21.48 we also had big bass at 6.57.

    1. Craig Hoskins
      Thank y'all it was a great day
    2. Derek Stitt
    3. Wade Bowles
      Congrats. Sounds like a hell of a haul. Nice work.
    4. Craig Hoskins
      Thank you...wacky worm and square bill crank bait in 8' of water on a drop off...I tried to post the picture they took of us with the stringer but couldn't ...more get it to load right
    5. Congrats on a good string! How did you catch em?
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  7. Added a catch

    Took my buddy tom out on Indian lake. Had a great day. Mixed bag

    2 lb. 14 oz. Largemouth Bass with a xrap

    1. Rich Pardy
      Man what a day, nice bass!!
    2. Nice bass!!
    3. Derek Stitt
      Nice one Pete
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  8. 3.28 largemouth on a red and black Live Target crawfish crankbait in 4 feet of calm muddy water. Sunny skies, no wind and 65°. She hit it right after the crank ...more bounced off of a couple branches. Broke a month long skunking.

    1. Rob Koontz
      Thank you all. Nice to be catching bass again after struggling to find them for a month.
    2. Derek Stitt
      Nice one πŸ‘πŸ‘
    3. Mike D
      Nice one !
    4. nice catchπŸ˜€
    5. Rich Pardy
      Nice bass!!
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  9. 3lb largemouth on a watermelon red senko

    3 lb. Largemouth Bass with a senko

    1. charlie whitt
      thats what we were catching them on last friday and saterday
    2. Frank Sharkey
    3. Thanks Melissa!πŸ˜€
    4. It's been slow lately but getting better!
    5. Thanks guys! Rich I have been collecting my old Senkos to pour new ones. Have you ever used old soft plastic, to create new ones?
    6. nice catchπŸ˜€
    7. jimbo harwood
      great fish Shawn.. and Noah's right Rich.. let's see em. lol.
    8. Cool rich you should sell them
    9. Rich Pardy
      Nice bass Shawn, u gotta love those senkos. I have been making my own and finally have the recipe down so they sink and wiggle down just like the real ones.
    10. Mike D
      Nice !!
    11. Derek Stitt
      Nice one Shawn πŸ‘
    12. Wade Bowles
      Nice catch. Love fishing Toledo Bend.
    13. Nice one Shawn!!
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  11. Try out "The Dragon" ( Firetiger Chatterbait with a Creme Lures split tail trailer) at your favorite waterways. It's been catching alot of fish for ...more me lately.

    1. John Fitch
      Noah, basically bass fishing anywhere is structure oriented. Attack any hard structure you see like docks, trees, spillway pipes if applicable, anything that cast ...more a shadow. And in between that hard structure hit the points and grassy areas. The problem is what size lake it is. The smaller the lake the easier it is to catch fish from the bank because they are more concentrated in water you can reach from the shore. After that start studying Bass seasonal patterns.
    2. John Fitch
      Yep a Dunamis "Series One" rod. Best $100 rod on the Market and it comes with a %100 No Hassle Lifetime Warranty Like the old All Stars had before they ...more sold their soul to Shakespeare. LOL. Actually even better because you don't need a warranty card.
    3. Derek Herring
      The rod is a Dunamis Series One.
    4. What brand of rod is that, it looks sweet!
    5. Hey quick question how do you find points of interest on a lake that you have never been to and you can not wade or have a boat?
    6. Derek Stitt
      I love chatterbait s, all year round.
    7. Derek Herring
      That's a pretty rod!!
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