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Fishing Hot Spots®

Fishidy Premium Membership

Thousands of proven fishing spots provided by Fish and Wildlife Officials, guides, bait and tackle shops, and local fishing experts sourced by the trusted leader in map-based fishing data, Fishing Hot Spots®. Find GPS coordinates, tips and species-specific techniques on the most popular freshwater and saltwater fisheries across the U.S.

Mapped Underwater Structures

Fishidy Premium Membership

Fishidy's precision mapping technology puts you right on top of submerged structures including deep weed beds, fish cribs, wrecks, pilings, downed timber, and other fish-holding areas where the big ones are hiding.

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Mark catches and spots directly on the map
View depth contours, access points and real-time weather
On-the-go access via the Fishidy mobile app
Real-time fishing reports and activity notifications
Over 13,000 monitored stream gauges and hatch forecasts
Advanced fishing forecasts including daily and hourly activity scoring, tips and techniques provided via My Fishing Advisor
(Only available on Fishidy website. Coming to the mobile app soon!)
Thousands of proven Fishing Hot Spots® including tips and techniques for the world’s most popular fishing destinations*
Mapped underwater structure and vegetation including weedlines, rock piles, fish cribs, wrecks and more*
Filter activity on the map by date range and species
(Only available on Fishidy website)
Real-time sea surface temperatures from coast-to-coast and including the Great Lakes
(Only available on Fishidy website)

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