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The Sturgeon Bay area, including Green Bay, Sturgeon Bay proper and Lake Michigan, provides excellent angling opportunities for Smallmouth Bass. This...

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Special Features- Sturgeon Bay supports a diverse fishery, including an abundance of coldwater and warmwater species. This area is noted for having one of the top smallmouth bass fisheries in North America. Special regulations exist for bag limits and s...

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  1. Nathan Vanden branden
    Added a catch on Sturgeon Bay Lake Michigan

    Caught a 2 lb. 14 oz. smallmouth using a swim bait on jig head

  2. Nathan Vanden branden
    Added a catch on Sturgeon Bay Lake Michigan

    Caught a 4 oz. smallmouth using a 3" swimbait on jig head

  3. Nathan Vanden branden
    Added a catch on Sturgeon Bay Lake Michigan

    Caught a Small Mouth

  4. Nathan Vanden branden
    Added a catch on Sturgeon Bay Lake Michigan

    Caught a Small Mouth

  5. Drew Gierach
    Added a catch on Sturgeon Bay Lake Michigan

    We took a charter fishing trip with Hooked Up Fishing. We had a blast!

    Caught a Salmon

    1. Drew Gierach
      I've got a mean grilled salmon and mango salsa recipe.
    2. Brandie Knight
    3. Lunker McLaker (aka T.O.)
      Yummy! Smoked salmon for breakfast lunch and dinner if that was me :)
  6. Phil Bedell

    Hi Fisherman,
    I'm heading up to sturgeon bay 8/23/14. I've never fished the bay. is the boat landing @ Potwawatomi state park nice. I am bringing an old 18 ft Alumacraft. I'll post if I do well but my expectations are low as I'm pretty green to the area.

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    1. Phil Bedell
      oh, and both landings were fine. but deffinetly watch for rocks going out of the park
    2. Phil Bedell
      Thanks guys, I went off of both boat launches. Fishing wasn't good for me but I wasn't set up very good although most of the people salmon fishing appeared to be ...more doing good. My buddy got about a 15 pound sheephead. Sucks when you know you have a heavy fish and then it ends up being a sheephead!!
    3. Patrick S.
      Hey Phil I live in door county and sawyer boat launch is the best boat launch in town. But yes the parks boat launch would work with your boat as well. What species ...more of fish are you targeting?
    4. jim netzel
      Hi Phil the launch at the park is good you kist have too watch the bouys. The bay is full of rocl bars. You moght try trolling between the bridges
    5. Drew Gierach
      Hey Phil, it is a nice boat launch and you should be fine with a 18' Alumacraft. The water levels were a little low the last time I was up there (month ago) so you'll ...more want to go slow and watch your depth. The other option is to launch at Sawyer Harbor where you'll have no problem at all.
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  7. Urban Petersen

    Heading up to Sturgeon Bay next weekend, first time up there and I can't wait! I'm from Missouri and would like any tips anyone can give me. What are the smallies biting on, locations, anything will help!

    Thanks in advance!

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    1. Patrick S.
      Yes Sawyer harbor can be good, also along the quarry can be great for bass.
    2. Urban Petersen
      Thanks Brian!
    3. Brian Jensen
      the mouth of Sawyer harbor can be excellent as can any 10-15 breakline with access to rocks. I love throwing tubes (red), craw imitations, and senkos
  8. Michael Fleck
    Added a catch on Sturgeon Bay Lake Michigan

    Caught a 21 in. smallmouth using a Kalins 4" grub

    1. Michael Fleck
      Wind was blowing. 3-5 footers on green bay. Had to go to Rowleys.
    2. Jon Giacalone
      Nice smallie!
  9. Michael Fleck
    Added a catch on Sturgeon Bay Lake Michigan

    Caught a 21 in. smallmouth using a Kalins 4" grub

  10. Jon Giacalone

    Heading to the tip of the door this week for smallmouth bass. Any reports or action happening north of Sister Bay?

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    1. Jon Giacalone
      Thanks Sam
    2. Sam Williams
      I was in Door County on 6/13-14. Caught around 15 nice smalls out of Ephraim. Caught around 20 between me and my partner. All well over 3 lbs and averaging 4. Best ...more fish was 5.4 lbs. It was hard fishing and there were not tons moving in but some scattered on beds. Water temp (surface) was around 58 degrees. I stopped in Little Sturgeon and Riley's and they were a bit of a bust. It's a weird spawn due to the late winter, but you'll find them.
    3. Jon Giacalone
      Thanks for the report Charlie!
    4. Charlie Goodson
      I fished Sturgeon Bay 3 weeks ago and the Smallies were still out in the bay at Egg Harbor and Fish Creek. Some were starting to come in, but no huge waves of fish ...more at that time. Because of this I did not venture any further north. Water temps in those area were around 55 degrees. We had fish going in Sand Bay. I would check Eagle Harbor, before heading to Sister Bay. Big fish were also going in the Mink River.
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