Lake Mendota Wisconsin

Big water with deep structure. Famous for perch, Crappie and white bass. Heavily stocked with Walleye and northern.

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Located in south-central Wisconsin, bordered by the city of Madison and several other smaller communities, Lake Mendota is situated in a very urban setting. Several parks and beaches are scattered around the lake in the midst of residential and commercia...

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  1. Details: 16 lb. 38 in. Northern Pike with a crankbait

    Trolling deep breaklines (22 to 26ft) with deep diving crankbaits. This deep bar just out from maple bluff is a consistent producer of big Pike and smallies. Your ...more lure needs to be bumping the bottom or very close to the bottom! Most of the Big Pike these kids caught on this episode were on this deep breakline bar!

  2. Marked a spot on Lake Mendota

    Details: Weed Line 5-15' Drop

  3. Marked a spot on Lake Mendota

    Details: Perch


  4. Marked a spot on Lake Mendota

    Details: Flippin

  5. Marked a spot on Lake Mendota

    Details: Perch/ Dropshot

  6. Added a catch on Lake Mendota

    2 lb. 1 oz. 18 in. Smallmouth Bass with a jerk bait

    1. Jon Giacalone
      Nice smallie!
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  7. Marked a spot on Lake Mendota

    Details: Jerkbait

  8. Marked a spot on Lake Mendota

    Details: Weed Line

  9. Marked a spot on Lake Mendota

    Details: Smallies

  10. Added a catch on Lake Mendota

    42 in. Northern with a large shiner

    1. Joe Burge
      Great fish !!
    2. Tim Steinmetz
      Awesome pike! That thing is a tank! As for mounting, I have a 44 incher on my wall.
    3. Bobby Tucker
    4. Jon Giacalone
      Nice pike!
    5. Brady Grenz
      So just a question. How big would a pike have to be for you to mount it?
    6. Aaron Greene
      Nice catch!
    7. Brady Grenz
      It was like 12 feet on the south end of the lake.
    8. Clay Russell
      Brady, I now live in Florida, but used to catch northerns in Mendota during the summer. What depth was that fish? What part of the lake?
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