Lake Mendota Wisconsin

Big water with deep structure. Famous for perch, Crappie and white bass. Heavily stocked with Walleye and northern.

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Located in south-central Wisconsin, bordered by the city of Madison and several other smaller communities, Lake Mendota is situated in a very urban setting. Several parks and beaches are scattered around the lake in the midst of residential and commercia...

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  1. 18 in. Largemouth Bass with a Blue Fleck finesse worm

    1. Tim Steinmetz
      Awesome bass!
    2. Patrick Empey
      Let me know when you guys want to take it out, can easily fish 3.
    3. Jon Giacalone
    4. Drew Gierach
      Still waiting for that call to test out the new boat.
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  2. 19 in. Largemouth Bass with a Red Shad Senko

    1. Rich Pardy
      Nice one!!
    2. Tim Steinmetz
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  3. fishing for panfish and caught this it was 20 min plus thinking walley He was 11lbs

    Channel Catfish with a Willie-Worm

  4. White Perch with a rooster tail

    1. Josh Williamson
      Yeah wrong picture had a multi specie day accidentally deleted the perch picture
    2. Dylan Shreves
      That's a white bass.
    3. Adam Meece
      White bass. (Striper)
    4. Clay Russell
      Isn't that a white bass, not a white perch?
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  5. Off my dock

    Largemouth Bass

  6. Catfish

    1. Brian K
      Nicely done. I've caught two monster channels in Mendota in the fall while throwing rapalas for walleye ate night. Both were a little over 33"
    2. Ashley Barton
      Nice catch!
    3. Adam Meece
      I love them ugly bastards. Just had one snap my line off governors island. Hey, that's my fish. Jk
    4. Todd Mehling
    5. Tim Steinmetz
      Now that's a monster channel cat! Awesome catch!
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  7. Sheepshead with a Lindy

  8. Dragging a Texas rigged worm along rocks

    17 in. Largemouth Bass with a Berkley power worm

    1. Rick Hunt
    2. Jon Giacalone
      Thanks guys!
    3. Zachary Hassler
      Nice fish Jon.
    4. Jon Reznack
      @ Brian... I have some peanut butter for that Jelly! HAHAHA Awesome fish Jon!
    5. Derrell Downey
      Nice Jon!
    6. Tim Steinmetz
      @Brian: Hmm. . . bass or huge sucker . . . I think I'd have to go with the sucker if I had the choice!
    7. Tim Steinmetz
      Awesome bass, Jon! Are you sure that hawg was only 17 inches?
    8. Jacob Maki
    9. Jon Giacalone
      @Rich just fortunate to work/live close to a lot of great lakes, @Dan I like it!, @Brian absolutely!
    10. John Fletcher
      Nice Bass!!!!
    11. Brian Jensen
      Nice work JG. Beats a giant sucker right?
    12. Dan Nelson
      I got one the same way today. I think we need to coin the phrase "pit stop fishing". :)
    13. Rich Pardy
      Man thats a heck of a bass for a pit stop!!
    14. Jon Giacalone
      Pit stop on the way home
    15. Brian Jensen
      today? WTF we were just in a meeting LOL
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  9. Drainage ditch fish! Spring Harbor

    18 in. Large Mouth Bass with a jig&pig

    1. Dan Nelson
      "Pit stop Fishing"
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  10. Dragging jigs through rock piles

    3 lb. 12 oz. 19 in. Smallmouth with a jig

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