Lac Vieux Desert Wisconsin

Bg. productive water splits the WI/MI border and offers great year-round fishing. Walleye, muskie and perch top the list, with northerns and slab Cra...

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Special Features Lac Vieux Desert is the headwaters for the Wisconsin River and is noted for its excellent muskie, walleye and perch fishing. The lake is considered a boundary water, since it lies both in Michigan and Wisconsin. Anglers can legally fi...

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  1. Aaron Lang
    Posted to Lac Vieux Desert

    Ice was about 13" deep. Lots of slush and snow. Nothing huge but nice fish.

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  2. Aaron Lang
    Marked on Lac Vieux Desert

    pike tips all day long

  3. Tayten Brunner
    Posted to Lac Vieux Desert

    I went up with some friends for two years and we absolute slayed the pan fish the first year we caught a surprising number of crappies and in the 10 day we where there the first year we had caught less perch and more crappies the next year we caught more perch and bigger perch Jake the oldest kid up at the resort we stayed in are group I fro got the name but for those that know who brain and colleen where we stayed with them sadly Brian died the last year they where open and on top of that they where gonin for foreclose but I fell that they had much better service we would sit at a fire with them and and tell stories but any way like I was saying Jake caught about 1 1/ft of the shore caught ...more two perch one 11 3/4 the other 14 in but we only caught two keeper crappies and two that where 4 inches but the blue gills and rock bass are crazy the Rockies are huge some where close to 18 ins but sadly we never caught or landed any pike muskie walleyes and small mouth although we had a smallie,pick and caught some small large mouthes

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  4. Devin James
    Marked on Lac Vieux Desert

    good perch

  5. Casey Szczepanski
    Marked on Lac Vieux Desert


  6. Casey Szczepanski
    Added a catch on Lac Vieux Desert

    Caught a 30 in. Musky using a sucker

  7. Casey Szczepanski
    Added a catch on Lac Vieux Desert

    Caught a Northern Pike using a Molly black perch

  8. Casey Szczepanski
    Added a catch on Lac Vieux Desert

    Caught a Panfish

  9. Casey Szczepanski
    Added a catch on Lac Vieux Desert

    Rocky shorelines

    Caught a Perch using a leeches

  10. scott hansen
    Added a catch on Lac Vieux Desert

    Caught a Crappie

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Walleye, Muskie, Perch, Bluegill,Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, Hybrid (tiger) Muskie, Pumpkinseed, Rock Bass