Chippewa Flowage Wisconsin

Walleye are the most pursued gamefish in the Chippewa Flowage. This lake has historically always maintained a moderate to high density population of ...

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Special Features- The Chippewa Flowage was created in 1923 when Northern States Power Company, now Xcel Energy, constructed the Winter Dam on the Chippewa River just below the confluence of the East and West forks. The flowage was built to control flood...

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  1. nick smith
    Marked on Chippewa Flowage

    25 depth

    Marked a new spot, fish contest

    1 1 Details
    1. Zach Kosyla
      Cigarette is a little too much. Lol
  2. david miller
    Marked on Chippewa Flowage

    crappie smallies

  3. Ben Henning
    Marked on Chippewa Flowage

    drift for walleye

  4. dave miller
    Marked on Chippewa Flowage

    crappies smallies

  5. justin wojnarowski
    Marked on Chippewa Flowage


    Marked a new spot, between bananas

  6. Rich Coleman
    Marked on Chippewa Flowage

    Marked a new spot, Flemings Bar on Chippewa Flowage

  7. Fishing Report
    Posted to Chippewa Flowage fishing season is finally here. There are not many people heading out yet, but there is some fishable ice out on the Flowage and Round. The ice depth varies from 2 inches in some spots and 5 inches in others. Make sure you if you go out you definitely dress warm as it has been a bit colder up here for this time of year, and be careful on the ice. When in doubt, err on the side of caution because there are some areas where it is not thick enough to fish through yet.

    Report courtesy of Jenks Bait & Tackle

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  8. Rafael Renteria
    Added a catch on Chippewa Flowage

    Caught a 39 in. Musky using a Vexmer

  9. Rafael Renteria
    Added a catch on Chippewa Flowage

    Caught a 41 in. Musky using a Vexmer

  10. Kyle Kramer
    Added a catch on Chippewa Flowage

    Caught a Muskie using a pin/ kin head

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Walleye, Muskie, Black Crappie, Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass,Hybrid Muskie, Bullhead, Rock Bass, Lake Sturgeon, Channel Catfish, Burbot, Common Carp, White Sucker, Redhorse