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Walleye are the most pursued gamefish in the Chippewa Flowage. This lake has historically always maintained a moderate to high density population of ...

Special Features- The Chippewa Flowage was created in 1923 when Northern States Power Company, now Xcel Energy, constructed the Winter Dam on the Chippewa River just below the confluence of the East and West forks. The flowage was built to control flood...

Reports & Activity Log

  • Happy Hooker Bait & Tackle

    Fishing/Outdoor Report: (Somewhat)

    After what looked a promising start of Spring last week, hopes were dashed this week with another “winter” storm. Mr. Winter continued his assault on the northland by delivering 13 to 14+ inches of new snow. Another setback in the Quiet Lakes businesses rush to get ready for the open water season. We all are still holding on to hope that spring will final identified itself here in the northland and that the season will start on time 15 days (May 3rd) from now.

    Ice fishing has practically diminished as people are frustrated with the conditions and have begun preparing for the new season more . The most fishing action now can be found on the more southern rivers where the walleye are running. The pre- and post spawn period should be good in this period. Be sure to check the regulations for the area you are fishing should you decide to go. There are some size and quantity limits and on some rivers game fishing is still closed. If you are in a hurry to get the season started I would suggest fishing the rivers.

    As for the northland, my best guess for the start of the season will be the rivers and inlets to the lakes. The rest of us may be ice fishing come opening day. We are checking the ice and lake conditions for changes daily, so hope against hope, we will have better reports as we get closer. Until then, continue preparing for the time when it does happen so we all can enjoy that time on the open water.

  • Tony Callies

    How awesome is the walleye action going to be in the river inlets on opening weekend this spring!?! Might be the only place you can fish the flowage assuming the ice will not be out by opening weekend...

  • Fishing Report

    The weather is steadily getting nicer out. The temperature got all the way up to 67 degrees here today. We are expecting a short chill over the weekend, but the forecast for the week is pretty solid with some warm weather rolling in. I went out on a little field trip today to scout out some of the waters for you all. The lakes are beginning to thaw around the shorelines, and the rivers and creeks are really starting to run. The water levels on the chip have not started really rising yet, but the Chief River is running very quickly into Musky Bay and is thawing the river channel very fast more . Down by the Landing there are several large pools in the middle of the ice, and throughout many areas water is starting to pool up on top of the ice. Ice fishing has basically stopped, so now we are entering our transition period between ice fishing and season opener. Let the 2014 Fishing season begin and let it be a great one!
    Report courtesy of
    Jenk's Bait & Tackle
    11050W County Road B
    Hayward, WI 54843

  • Happy Hooker Bait & Tackle

    Our hopes of some good late ice fishing are quickly dwindling as mother nature has blessed us with another 10 +” of fresh snow last week. That and with the snow we still have on the lakes makes traveling even more difficult. Under the fresh snow is a layer of slush of about 6” deep created by the few warms days that we had earlier this week. We have lost a lot of snow this week, but the snow of today is trying to bring it all back. Winter just will not release its hold on us.
    There is still plenty of ice on the lakes – 25 to 30” more . With open water season just 28 days away (May 3rd), it makes you wonder what conditions will be like then. I guess the good news out of this is we are forecasted to be in a warm up period next week with temperatures in the 50’s and upper 40’s. As we progress towards warmer spring like conditions and open water season (it will happen sometime) and we start losing some of this snow and slush there might be a chance to enjoy some good late ice panfishing. As this happens always be watchful for thin ice as some areas will thin out much more rapidly. As always err on the side of caution.
    2013 – 2014 license are now expired and the new 2014 -2015 license are now being sold. Avoid the summer rush and renew all your license early. Use this down time to prepare for the upcoming open water season. Check your rods for missing eyes or broken tips. Oil and grease your reels and re-spool the line if need be. Check your nets for holes, nothing worse than trying to land that trophy fish only to escape from a hole in the net. Clean out the tackle box and rid yourself of rusted lures and hooks. If you live somewhere other than northwest Wisconsin, I would suggest start making the boat water ready. Make sure to have the required safety equipment on board and check the boat and trailer for any unwanted hitchhikers. Just a few things suggested to help pass the time while we are waiting for this winter to be over.
    Just a note to the snowmobilers, the trails are still open, but they have put the groomers away. Some surrounding counties have closed their trails and some stakes have been pulled from the lakes, so if you do plan on riding sled please do so with caution. Have fun, but be safe.

  • Fishing Report

    The weather has been up and down. Temperatures have been consistently and significantly lower in early morning with a gradual increase as the day progresses. We have had a few days over 50 degrees over the past week which is a good sign, but the temperature has not held beyond a few days. The last two days we have had some nice weather that melted a good chunk of snow, but we are expecting more cold and snow starting Monday night. Locals are reporting very slushy snow roughly 6 inches deep on the ice so ice fishing has been diminished due to lack of mobility on the ice more . As a result, there is not much fishing pressure out on the lakes right now and those that have been ice fishing have seen mixed results. Have gotten a few good reports on the East Side of the Chip just south of Moore's Bay.
    Ice Depth
    20 inches
    As I am sure many of you know, Randy Armsbury has retired from Jenk's Bait and Tackle and I bought the business this February. I would like to thank Randy for all the help he has given me over this past year getting ready for this transition, as well as his commitment to staying on for awhile to help around the shop over the next year. I would like to thank all of the patrons of Jenk's Bait and Tackle for your past business, and I want to assure all of you that while Jenk's is undergoing new ownership, the traditions of the bait shop will remain the same. We are still going to have the same fair prices on bait, lures, rods, reels, and combos. I have been coming up to the Hayward Area now for over 25 years and I intend to continue the great business that Randy has built and run it in a manner that would make him proud. Nothing is going to change in the way Jenk's conducts business--and that includes the live bait. The bait will continue to be as good as it always has been. I look forward to seeing you all in the shop this upcoming season and hope that the service we provide you can help make your 2014 Fishing Season a memorable one. Happy Fishing and God Bless -Mike
    Report courtesy of Jenks Bait and Tackle.

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