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GPS & Mobile Advantage

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Fishing hot spot chips on your boat won’t help you on the ice. Fishidy’s free mobile app puts you in control and on top of key structure. The GPS in your mobile device syncs with Fishidy’s maps to position you exactly where fish will be biting.

Record Catches & Spots

Track your experience on the ice using Fishidy's fishing app

Quickly and easily mark your best catches and most productive ice fishing spots directly on the map. Coordinates are automatically recorded on Fishidy and you can confidently return each time knowing you’re positioned over that exact location.

Fishing Hot Spots

Fishing hot spots are available from your mobile device if you're a premium user.

Eliminating unproductive water makes your time on the ice more worthwhile. Fishidy’s online maps show you with pinpoint accuracy where the fish will be biting and what techniques to use with proven data delivered by partner, Fishing Hot Spots®. (Premium Feature)

Know What’s Under the Ice

Premium users also have access to certain points of interest right from their phone or the website

Fishidy’s maps give you the advantage of knowing what’s under the ice. Find submerged weed beds, rock piles, deep holes and fish cribs that have the best chance of holding active fish. (Premium Feature)

Join a Growing Ice Fishing Community

Fishidy is your digital fishing guide with 1000s of online waterway pages across the U.S. containing valuable ice fishing tips and information along with proven Fishing Hot Spots® maps, local fishing reports, and advanced tools to help you catch more fish. Connect with buddies and local businesses to share photos, fishing spots and adventures on the ultimate online fishing resource.

Signing up for Fishidy is free, with premium subscriptions starting at only $9.99/month!

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