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High-Visibility, Detailed Depth Contours

Understanding depth contours is a critical part of any angler's toolset and that's why our fishing maps contain highly visible contour lines to help you hone in on key areas where fish are located. Zoom in to identify exact coordinates, or zoom out for a wider perspective of waterway depth charts.

High-Visibility, Detailed Depth Contours on Lake Mendota

Access Points, Navigation & General Features

You need to get on the water as quickly and easily as possible. Fishidy's online fishing charts help you locate boat ramps, marinas, docks and other drop-in points to get your craft in the water quickly. Navigational and general reference features are also marked to help you chart your way.

Access Points, Navigation, Shoreline & General Features on Lake Mendota
Weather Forecasts, Wind & Precipitation on Lake Mendota

Weather Forecasts, Wind & Precipitation

Any day of fishing is a good day, however sometimes the weather just doesn't cooperate. Knowing when the fish are biting is critical and Fishidy helps you plan your trips accordingly with real-time weather radar across the country with details including precipitation, wind speed, clouds, moon phases, and reflectivity from 24 hours to 72 hours in advance.

Find Fishing Reports & Maps

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Log Your Catches & Spots

Live fishing report example for Lake Monona

Record & Track Your Catches

Use Fishidy to track your success on the water in your personal fishing log. Mark and save your catches by uploading photos, recording locations, lures, techniques and weather patterns. All of your fishing data is saved on your maps, securely stored in your online profile, and instantly synced with the Fishidy mobile app for use when you're on-the-go.

Mark Your Fishing Spots

You know your favorite fishing spots better than anyone. With Fishidy, you can keep a detailed log of your own fishing hot spots and start finding new ones without worrying about forgetting where those great spots are. Label your spots with a name, description and exact lat long coordinates to return to those areas and confidently catch fish every time.

Live fishing report example for Lake Monona
Live fishing report example for Lake Monona

View Buddies' Catches

Not only does Fishidy keep track of your own catches, but it keeps track of your buddies' catches as well. Connect with friends on Fishidy and their catches become visible on your fishing charts and within your fishing log. The more you share, and the more you connect, the more Fishidy can keep you concentrated on the areas where the fish are biting each time you're out.

Live fishing report example for Lake Monona

Keep it Private

Fishidy works best when you share and connect. However, we understand some anglers want to keep their best fishing places and honey holes private. Fishidy provides this option, allowing anglers to keep their best fishing tips and locations visible only to themselves. It's the perfect way to document fishing data safely and securely online.

Ike Uses Fishidy

Ike talks about how he used Fishidy to assist in his 4th place finish at the 2013 Bassmaster Classic

Ike uses

"Fishidy is the coolest, most effective tool I've used to locate fish and track my experiences" Professional Tournament Angler Mike Iaconelli

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Proven Fishing Hot Spots®

Fishidy partners with the leader in topo fishing map data, Fishing Hot Spots®, to deliver marked local fishing spots that help you find fish fast. These marked areas supplied by local DNR officials, guides and bait shops offer premier fishing tips and species-specific information to help you plan your outings and focus your time targeting prime water with the right techniques.

Proven Fishing Hot Spots on Lake Mendota
Underwater Structure & Vegetation on Roberts Lake

Underwater Structure & Vegetation

Knowing what's underneath the surface of the water you're fishing can be one of the most valuable pieces of information for any angler. Fishidy provides one-click access to millions of submerged fishing structures including weed beds, fish cribs, pilings, downed timber and wrecks.

Real-time Sea Surface Temperatures

Eliminate time in unproductive waters and head straight to freshwater and saltwater coastlines where the fish are biting. Real-time sea surface temperatures are visible coast-to-coast, including the Great Lakes region.

Real-time Sea Surface Temperatures View
Customizable, Printable Maps example

Customizable, Printable Maps

Print any section of your own, personalized fishing charts as many times as you want. Take your hydrographic (underwater equivalent of topographic) map with you on the water and bring a big net.

Take Fishidy's online maps with you on the water

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